The people around Othello such as Desdemona

The people around Othello such as Desdemona, Iago, and Cassio bring out the different sides or personalities of Othello. Desdemona brings out his love side, Iago brings out his jealous side, and Cassio brings out his leader side. Together, Desdemona, Iago, and Cassio bring out these different traits of Othello that will determine how he acts in the near future.

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Mount Everest

Thousands have scaled to the top and many have died on the mountain. What are the real differences between the ones who made it and the skeletons along the path? There are many successes in life that match, or even exceed, an Everest climb. What do people that achieve success have in common? Achievers such as this are often viewed as an “instant success”. There is something glamourous and exciting about spontaneity resulting in accomplishment. Unfortunately, this notion of instant success is more myth than fact.

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Human trafficking

The concept of having a human being traded like property shouldn’t it be considered to be one of the biggest illegal crime? As for human trafficking, it a concerning issue that is increasing around the world nowadays women and young adolescent are constantly victims of getting abuse, rape, and forced into sexual activities mainly because it involves the process of exploiting and violation of human rights. In the CNN documentary movie “ Selling the girl next door” it converges on the idea of having underage runaway children victimized by perpetrators, a 13-year-old girl named Selena was sexually trafficked and was sold by a man on a website by the name of In an interview, Selena claims “ If I ran away I was going to get killed and if I told the cops I was going to get killed” her experiences as a victim of sex trafficking demonstrates that trafficking could occur to anyone anytime and anywhere and most of the time victims rarely can escape. She was forced to trade her body to older men for money, having a 13-year-old assaulted and violated to have sex is disreputable.

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